You can check the incoming payments of your clients in a few seconds. You simply download a bank statement from your bank and check the incoming payments in your online gallery. Matching orders or invoices are then directly marked as paid.

If you want to use the classic payment methods again, please deactivate the function “Incoming payment control” under Settings / Incoming payment control.

How it works

Most banks or online banking tools already offer the possibility to export account statements in CSV format. The account statement is then written to a file in tabular form (similar to an Excel sheet). To import the file, please click on “Check incoming payments” in the admin section of your online gallery.

  1. Admin section / Orders / Check incoming payments
  2. Select the CSV file (your bank statement)

Afterwards you have to tell us the columns where the date, the amount as well as the purpose of the entry is located, because we can’t recognize this automatically. We only need these 3 columns in the CSV file:

  1. Date of booking
  2. Purpose
  3. Amount of the booking

Please specify (as in Excel) the corresponding column in your bank statement where the date, reason for payment and amount are. The left column is “Column A”, then “Column B” and so on.

Then click on “Import bank statement”.

In order for us to recognize a client’s incoming payment, your client must enter the unique remittance code in the reason for payment. This usually starts with “PX” followed by some letters and numbers. It is important that photo clients specify their transfer code exactly as it appears in the order. Only then can we allocate the booking.

Please note:

  • The transfer code (e.g. “PX123ABC”) must be specified correctly by the client
  • The amount must correspond to the order total
  • Partial transfers can unfortunately not be recognized
    (an order over 119,99 EUR must be transferred in the same way)

In the second step you take over the orders that were recognized during the import by clicking on the corresponding lines. You can also select all lines at once. Then click on “Accept incoming payments”.

Data protection is guaranteed

We will never store your bank statements on our servers, but only read them to identify incoming payments. After the reconciliation we will show you all found transactions and you can confirm their payment receipt.

To use this function, you need a PRO gallery or the module “Professional functions”.

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