Just in time for the start of the kindergarten season, we have some great new settings for you.

Packages for kindergartens and schools

You can now select the same format for several items in a package. This means that you don’t have to create a format more than once if you want to offer it in one package only for the group photo in one position and only for individual photos in another position.

In addition, you can now set for the individual positions of a package whether all photos, only single photos or only group photos may be selected at this position. For example, for downloads or stickers, you can say that only a single photo may be selected there.

If you allow your customers to log in with several access cards at the same time, you can set in each package that this package may only be filled with photos of one access card. You can find the setting in the package under Further information.

Pre-registration for photo day

If you want parents to pre-register their children for the photo day, you can now make some additional settings in the online form. You can predefine the groups or classes so that the parents do not have to fill them out themselves. The parents then simply tick the appropriate group or class. This way different spellings can be avoided. In addition, the matching albums are also created directly in the client.

You can now also add checkboxes for individual and group photos in the online form. Optionally, you can also offer additional checkboxes for friends, siblings or family photos. You can also add a link to a scheduling tool if needed. You can see which checkboxes have been selected by the parents on the access card.

Also, you can now add more access cards to an existing list. So you don’t have to create a new list if you want to add latecomers yourself.

Start your success story

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