If you want to photograph children, you need not only a good education, but also a knack for the right way to deal with children at the photo shoot. You come to the group as a “stranger”. As a photographer, you first have to build up trust and get to know the little ones a bit. With a few tips and tricks, it’s easy to take photos in kindergartens and create beautiful pictures.

Happy kids, great pictures – tips for kindergarten photography

You have made an appointment with the kindergarten for the kindergarten photography – then also invest a little time and a few considerations in the preparation. Parents and kids will know when you’re coming, but they’ll also appreciate some information.

For example, how about this short parent/child info:

„Tomorrow the photographer is coming!

We’ll take great pictures of you and your kindergarten group together. You can wear whatever you want – the main thing is that you feel really comfortable in your clothes. Bring your favorite stuffed animal or your favorite toy, these things can be in the photo. Do your siblings go to the same kindergarten? Then of course there is also a photo of you and your sister or brother. I have been a photographer for many years and I really enjoy taking pictures of children.

I look forward to meeting you and photographing you!“

Taking pictures in kindergartens: Relaxed atmosphere and good mood

When you arrive at the kindergarten, briefly introduce yourself to the children. You need to know who you are dealing with – so tell them a little bit about yourself. Your first name is important, and maybe a few things that kids can laugh about. So come up with an unusual favorite food, a fascinating hobby, or just tell about the journey – a funny story about some little mishap will make kids laugh and break the ice. You can also briefly explain how your camera works or why being a photographer is your dream job. Talk to the children, and you will experience how trust develops quite quickly.

In a relaxed atmosphere, pictures with a natural charisma are created in the kindergarten. This doesn’t necessarily require children grinning broadly, even if the well-known “cheeeese” still has its justification. Photographing children is a challenge for every photographer, the goal should be pictures that capture the child as naturally as possible. So if you want to take pictures in kindergartens, be sure to create a friendly atmosphere. Even if time is short: don’t let the children feel the time pressure, but stay calm yourself!

Tools for kindergarten photography

Small aids can also ensure a friendly basic attitude of the children. If you want to photograph children, you should not only take the photo equipment with you. A clown’s nose or a funny headdress, for example, can create a great surprise effect – put it on at the right moment and you’ll put a smile on the kids’ faces.

Rewards are also an effective way to keep kids in a good mood. If you’re shooting in kindergartens, you can keep the little ones happy with mini gifts – but be careful, the focus is really on “mini”! Be careful when handing out sweets, many parents react negatively here. You should also keep in mind that children can have food intolerances and allergies.

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