Photography is more than just a profession for you – it’s a calling, a passion. If you’re a full-time photographer, you need clients in addition to your skills and equipment. Our effective marketing tips will help you build a customer base as a photographer and draw attention to yourself.

Success in the photography business

Skill is not enough: professional marketing for photographers is not difficult. It includes classic and innovative methods, from newspaper ads to the use of the Internet and social media to an entry in a photographer’s register such as with a wide reach. Use the various channels, and success will not be long in coming!

Word of mouth and advertising will get you there

Many photographers rely on proven measures to find customers. Take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves. The good old business card, for example, is far from being obsolete. If you work as a wedding photographer, you can hand out your business cards at wedding fairs, in bridal fashion stores and restaurants, and at florists.

The same is true for baby photography, here you can also seek cooperation with maternity clinics and baby equipment stores.


Vouchers are a proven way to find and retain clients. Offer special promotions and special services – for example, post-processing or the printing of a photo in the desired format or as a poster. The promotions must always fit in with your core business, and the financial commitment should also be kept within reasonable limits.

Marketing for photographers on the Internet

If you want to get into the photography business, you can use the Internet to increase your visibility. Here are several ways possible, which can also be combined well with each other.

In the first place is the website. Your Internet presence represents your skills and gives an overview of your offer. The photographer’s homepage should be clearly structured and provide the most important information at a glance. Pay attention to content that guarantees good search results and captivates your readers. It is worth hiring a professional copywriter for this.

The search for photographers is increasingly done via social networks. A Facebook page is indispensable. The Facebook fan page needs to be maintained, but the effort to do so is manageable. Connect your Facebook page and your homepage, additionally Instagram is a perfect platform for photo presentation. Special networks that focus on professional aspects, for example XING, can also support you in marketing. You can place ads on Google and make yourself even more visible.

Free photographer search

Last but not least: The entry in a comprehensive register of photographers is enormously useful for customer acquisition. At you have the opportunity to register free of charge. Here you can specify your specialties and be found throughout Germany.

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