Photographing outdoors is a special experience at any time of year. But photographing in autumn also presents you with extraordinary challenges. The light is special – from foggy, gray and dull to rainy and late autumn sunshine. Take advantage of what nature has to offer – autumn photos in particular can convey a great deal of atmosphere. Our tips can help you.

Capture the atmosphere, let the viewer feel how versatile outdoor photography can be in September, October and November! Whether it’s for portraiture or nature photography, fall is a wonderful time of year to shoot outdoors.

Outdoor photography in autumn: the play of light and shadow

In spring and summer, anyone can take pictures outside. The result is pretty, but sometimes a bit boring. No photographer wants to adorn himself with both attributes, so autumn is just perfect for successful outdoor photography! Depending on the weather, the change between light and shadow can be extremely impressive.

Imagine a faded meadow, a lonely forest clearing or a lake that lies calm and quiet in front of you after the summer hustle and bustle. Now you can capture the right mood – with a little patience and a feel for the special features of the autumn season.

Golden October and Indian Summer – Autumn at its best

Shooting atmospheric portraits: Colorful leaves on the trees, plus bright sunshine: that’s autumn, too! Now nature catches its breath once again before the winter hibernation. Taken against the light, the strong colors look irresistible. Let yourself be inspired by the variety! For detail shots in the autumn sunshine, for enchanting portraits against a luminous background.

A touch of melancholy: fog atmosphere outdoors and on your photos

Bad weather? There is no such thing for anyone who wants to photograph outdoors in the fall months! On the contrary, because foggy clouds, overcast fields or even the view from above on a foggy landscape can achieve extraordinary effects. Fog makes for monochromatic color schemes, you’ll find the perfect composition!

The mood is a bit melancholic, but not depressing. Equally strong photos are created in the rain – here you can emphasize the cheerful aspect. If you’re taking portraits in rainy weather, play with the raindrops running down a happy child’s face. Capture the magic of a couple in love under an umbrella, photograph people in rubber boots and frieze, with wet hair and full of joie de vivre!

Photography in autumn – 5 tips for atmospheric portraits

Colors and contrasts – How moods are created

Take advantage of everything nature has to offer for outdoor photography! The sunlight refracts on the water and creates breathtaking reflections. Gray days are ideal for photos with a pensive twist, while bright colors show the friendly side of the autumn season. Anyone who has ever walked through a rustling pile of leaves, who leans against a tree trunk and feels the power of nature, also has the necessary sensitivity for photo compositions full of expressiveness.

From dusk until late afternoon

Atmospheric portraits or wedding photos in autumn mean: choose your time of day! Especially beautiful are the transitions from night to day and vice versa. If you’re planning fog shots, getting up early is a must. Then you will succeed in taking photos at the perfect time. Often the fog doesn’t stay all day, but clears with the first rays of sunlight.

Equally impressive: twilight spreads, the atmosphere becomes mysterious and mystical. Ideal conditions for those who want to take unusual photos and just therefore rely on the effect of the autumn atmosphere!

Photography in autumn – 5 tips for atmospheric portraits
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