Anyone who is able to press the shutter button of a camera can take photographs. However, creating a high-quality portrait of a person is much more difficult and is usually reserved for professionals or very ambitious amateurs. But what exactly is portrait photography of personalities?

The portrait: drawing a character

If you just snap away wildly, you will get snapshots that are funny, sad or amusing. These pictures capture the situation at hand. With a little luck, they also convey the prevailing emotional situation. The personality and character of a person can not be revealed with a snapshot, however, as a rule.

A portrait is created when the photographer succeeds in revealing character traits by deliberately playing with variables such as perspective, exposure, depth of field or framing. Photographing portraits is about the art of bringing out the characteristic nature of a person (or even an animal), for example, traits such as gentleness and goodness, a sense of power and a desire to rule, submissiveness or self-confidence.

The basis of portrait photography

The basis of portrait photography is the knowledge of the character of the other person. The photographer does not have to know his counterpart for years to be able to recognize him – usually just a few targeted questions about life are enough to gain important insights into the personality of the person, which he can later capture in his photos.

Portrait photography tips

This is how you photograph personalities: in order for a portrait to succeed and later be as expressive as desired, you should try out a lot to find your way. The following tips for portrait photography can help you:

  • Vary the location.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, prefer the shade.
  • Make sure that the subjects look natural.
  • Make full use of the size of the photo.
  • Work with different perspectives.
  • Emphasize the reflection points of the eye.
  • Remember the rule of thirds (golden ratio).
Portrait photography: about the art of photographing personality
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