For any kind of application, visually appealing application photos are necessary. The quality of these photos often determines the success or failure of the job search. If you, as a professional photographer, want to offer high-quality application photos in addition to landscape photos and portraits, then you need to consider a few things. You should know what hiring managers value and exactly what applicants should do.

Check out our ideas for professional job application photos:

The best clothes for a job application photo

Clothes make the man – this also applies with regard to the job search. If the applicants have inappropriate clothing on, then the application photos will fail. The respective outfit should on the one hand be fashionably attractive and on the other hand also fit the respective industry. In the case of traditional professions, job seekers should dress conservatively. If it is a new job in the field of creative professions, then the clothes may also be a little more fancy. Female applicants should select a trouser suit and combine it with a blouse. The décolleté should not be visible. Men ideally wear a shirt with a tie and a jacket. Dark and muted colors are more advantageous than too bright or garish.

What should your clients do?

Your photographic skills are only half the battle. Your applicants must also make their contribution and behave optimally. Only then can you produce a high-quality application photo and get a new job within reach. Therefore, clarify a few important things with your clients in advance. Make it clear to them that they must be well rested and well-groomed for the photo shoot. Select a day for the photo shoot when the applicants are in top condition, both mentally and physically. Men should ideally be freshly shaved and appear for the photo shoot with a neat haircut. For female applicants, light makeup and a fashionable as well as uncomplicated hairstyle are an advantage.

Application hairstyle

The hair should frame the face appropriately. Isolated skin blemishes should be lightly covered. These still need to look natural in the application photo. You can also suggest to your clients that they make a hair appointment a few days before the shoot. Jewelry, accessories, and makeup must also match the job in question. In general, applicants should appear more plain and not too dolled up for the photo shoot.

What makes a perfect photo for job application?

There is usually no second chance for a first impression. Decisive in the job search: For this reason, each of the application photos must have a high quality and convince the personnel manager. In the photo for job application, people should show a welcoming and open smile. In any case, the face must be illuminated without shadows. Your applicants best align their body with an imaginary counterpart. The body should be as perpendicular as possible directly to the line of vision. A tilt of the head should be avoided. Only the area from the head to the shoulders (top shirt button or tie knot) should be visible in the photo. For many hiring managers, a highly visible tie is mandatory.

If you and the applicant follow these tips, nothing can go wrong. With a successful photo, your applicants will leave a positive impression on the job search.

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