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Perfect for school and kindergarten.

Do you photograph lots of children in schools and nurseries? Then our shop system is the perfect solution.

Perfect for school and kindergarten.

1. Photographing & uploading the photos

You upload the photos of the children to your shop. We will automatically assign the access cards to the corresponding children.

Alternatively, you can define the accesses after the photo day and make them available to the parents.

2. Parents order online

The parents log in with their personal account and order the photos of their child. You decide how the parents pay afterwards.

The money always goes 100% to you. We do not offer any revenue shares or "service fees".

2. Parents order online
Declaration of consent by parents

Declaration of consent from parents included.

The children's access cards contain a declaration of consent for the parents. This must be signed and brought along to the photo day. This ensures that you are authorised to photograph the child.

Online registration is even more convenient for parents.

If you wish, parents can also register their child online for the photo day. This has the advantage that you have already received consent to take photos and know exactly how many children are to be photographed.

Online registration for parents

Start your success story now.

In wenigen Minuten haben wir Deinen Fotografenshop eingerichtet. Danach kannst Du den Shop 30 Tage lang ausgiebig testen.

The test ends automatically - cancellation is not necessary.

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