You want to get to the top position in Google & Co. and inspire more people for your photography? But you don’t know how to reach your target group? We help you by providing you with a simple homepage construction kit with blog. This way your clients will find you on Google & Co.

SEO tips for photographers

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. However, you don’t have to worry about having extensive technical knowledge. Successful SEO for photographers aims at one thing above all: strong content. In the following points, we’ll tell you how best to present this content:

1. The selection of your search terms – so called “keywords”.

These search terms explain to search engines like Google & Co. what your homepage is all about. Use terms that are as relevant as possible to photography. When selecting the right keywords, the focus is always on the visitor – i.e. your clients. It is important that you use these keywords regularly and often enough – without it degenerating into spam. Texts that are easy to read for people and at the same time have a high information density “taste” best to the search engines.

2. Content is king! The content determines the quality

The more content you publish, the better. For example, imagine a photographer’s homepage that is updated only every three months with a set of new photos and a little text. Probably people will not visit this website frequently.

The same goes for your target audience: by publishing new content regularly, you will keep your readers for a long time. Do you like to take pictures frequently? Then you should update your photographer blog just as frequently. Search engines rate sites with regular new content much higher than “ruins” that only get new text every now and then.

3. Address your target group

You know your target audience better than anyone else. You know, for example, that you have to address a couple looking for a wedding photographer differently than a person looking for high-quality product photography on behalf of a company. Therefore, select the language of your page accordingly and place keywords (see point 1) that are appropriate. “Classy”, “classic”, “romantic”, “unforgettable” and similar terms are what our exemplary wedding couple likes to see, but for product photography these keywords would certainly be misplaced.

By hitting the right note, you also increase the reach of your homepage and get the readers you really want to address.

4. Don’t forget: the page title!

In the heat of the moment, little things tend to get lost. For example, make sure you give your website a good name. Otherwise it might be called “” – a very bad title for a website.

Search engine optimization requires an appealing title, such as “Fotostudio Mustermann – unvergessliche Hochzeitsfotos in Frankfurt am Main”. The reader will then immediately know what to expect and will probably look forward to the content you place on this page.

5. Backlinks

Another success factor for a good ranking of your homepage in Google and other search engines is a linking from other sites. If, for example, a wedding fair refers to your homepage or you are linked by clients under your pictures, this helps your homepage immensely. The more trustworthy the linking page is, the more trust your homepage “inherits”. A free entry on can also help here, because there you can also link to your photographer homepage. At the same time you can present your portfolio here for free.

SEO for photographers – is it really necessary?

There are countless photographers and studios who want to present their work online. All of them “fight” for the top positions on Google & Co. So why should these people look at your site?

You have to create incentives that lead your target group to click on your website – and not those of your competitors. Of course, this is especially true for a professional photographer’s homepage, with which you finance your livelihood. Therefore, SEO for photographers should not be neglected.

Search engine optimization is not only a task for the IT world, but also for you.

Attention: do not overdo it!

SEO at any cost is not the holy grail. You should try to create a balancing act between optimization for search engines and content for people. Therefore, avoid the following mistakes, among others:

  • Don’t copy content from competitors to present fast content. Search engines notice this and penalize your website accordingly.
  • Place keywords in a way that is pleasant for people to read. Spam will also cause your website to rank lower.
  • You should put as much effort into your website as you do into your photos: spelling and grammar mistakes as well as irrelevant text do not belong on your website.
  • Hidden text – text that is visible to search engines but invisible to human readers – is also subject to a penalty by search engines.

As you can see, the quality of your content also plays a central role from an SEO perspective. Don’t even try to cheat – the search engines will notice sooner or later anyway.

To achieve these goals, we offer a complete homepage builder for photographers: You get a ready-made website and can fill it with interesting content right away. You can also put your Google Analytics account there to measure the site visitors.

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