The new version of Portraitbox photographer store is finally here. We have made many improvements and added new features. Our new preview function shows your photos in the selected format. This makes canvases & co. look even more valuable and clients are more likely to buy them.

These are the most important improvements at a glance:

Preview function (e.g. for canvases)

The new preview function allows your clients to view their photo products in their original size when ordering. We show large formats in living rooms, for example, so that the client can get an impression of the desired size. There is also a preview function for small formats.

The new preview function is automatically integrated for lab formats. For your own formats, you can also use it by assigning the formats to a corresponding photo product (e.g. 40 x 60 cm canvas).

  • Offline fonts

  • New color themes

  • Search for children names

  • New fonts

  • Improved spam protection

  • Optimized self lab orders

All new features & improvements in the new photographer store can be found here at a glance.

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